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Many people, myself included, are learning to meditate. Or wish to learn. A semi-deep search on youtube revealed two broad categories on “how to do zen meditation” videos. In one group are eminent and wise masters, clad in formal robes, sitting in full lotus posture, and looking as if they’ve done this for a hundred years. In the other group are cheerleader-types extolling “15 easy steps,” along with sappy background music, special “zen timing chimes,” poor (impractical) posture, and other nonsense.

Today I came across this down-to-earth demo, a bit tongue in cheek and without monastic trimmings, offering the essentials in 6+ minutes. A good place to start. After that, find a meditation group or ask someone to help you along. Meanwhile go to: Le”A day in the life” at my home monastery:;

Brief talk on differentiating religion and spirituality: Robert Dittler, Benedictine monk:;

Contemplating and ink-drawing the Ten Ox-herding pictures:


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