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hand-carved jizo statues

wooden-jizoJizo is a Buddhist guardian spirit much revered in South East Asia. His particular role in the cosmology is to protect all beings in transition, particularly children (still-born and aborted) and women, monks, and firefighters.

Of the many styles available in the West, I have long been drawn to these charming statues carved in Bali. After bringing a few back from my home monastery, I wrote to Victoria, an American womanwho helps bring the carvers’ work to market. The statues measure ca. 7½” in height and 5″ across the bottom and are made from dense wood native to Bali. If you like to have a look at the ones I have for sale, kindly contact me at You’re under no obligation to purchase!

I don’t mark up on what O pay the family of carvers plus shipping costs. The price in Victoria, BC is C$78. If you live in the US, kindly go here.

carver* Victoria writes: So glad you have them! The carver is a man named Ketut I met maybe 12 years ago. I had heard he was carving nice Buddha statues and went looking for him. I wove my way down a number of small lanes in a village to find him, carving in his family compound (place where family has lived for many generations. Has a family temple where the ancestors are honoured on a regular basis and all the generations live there together. The sons stay with their wives and build another kitchen and the daughters go to their husbands compounds. The old generally die in the center of family activity.

“[At first Ketut] was shy and uneasy … Many years later his quality has improved over the years and he has become confident and happy and has a wonderful wife and son. Generally more than one person works on a piece. Someone roughs it in, someone does finish detail. Someone else may do faces because they are better at faces that other people. Someone else sands and waxes. Ketut always does the faces for these Jizos as he is the only one who can capture that particular wonderful feeling. Namaste.”


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  1. I know. They are beautiful. Someday I would like to purchase one not only for the protection of others but also to support the people who spend hours making them.


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