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Peter lives in Victoria (British Columbia). Following a five-year apprenticeship in German hotels, he worked in Sweden, England, the USA, and Wales. He later earned diplomas in Hotel Management (BCIT, UniS), Adult Education and Counselling (UBC); an MEd in Curriculum & Instruction (SFU), and an EdD in Educational Leadership (UBC). For 25 year, until retirement in 2001, he provided instructional skills training to corporate and higher education clients. Among his books is the The art of teaching adults.      

Peter became a Zen student in 1999 and received jukai (also called lay ordination) and the name Daishin (boundless heart) from Chozen Bays Roshi at Great Vow Zen Monastery in 2002. He completed training as end-of-life care practitioner with the Metta Institute in San Francisco in 2006.

Peter has presented at professional and lay conferences, and conducted silent retreats and interfaith memorial services. He volunteered in palliative care at Saanich Peninsula Hospital, joined the spiritual care team at Victoria Hospice for 18 months, and currently volunteers at the BC Cancer Agency and Sandringham Care Centre. He hosts Fernwood Zendo.

contact: renner [at]; photo: 2011
May you be filled with ease and joy.    

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  1. Lynn Treangen

    I found you through a lesson on About that I printed to start my Adult ESL class tonight. How strange! After recently moving my parents from their home to a Veteran’s Home because they both have Alzheimer’s disease, I feel the losing is overwhelming the joy of life sometimes. I will be back to this site.

  2. Enjoyed visiting your Blog this morning. I will try and cycle over to Galiano sometime this summer and say hello. I have recently returned from the UBC 5th Symposium on the Buddha Dharma with professors from 52 universities in discussion. You would have enjoyed it. Congratulations and blessings on all your efforts and energy. Respectfully, Henry

  3. Lots of wisdom here.

  4. Hi,

    I’ve just been reading your blog, some fascinating stuff on here!

    Would you be interested in swapping reciprocal links with We blog about recent celebrity deaths and news relating to people in and out of the public eye on the website

    The emphasis of our site is to celebrate lives.

    We’d be happy to add you to our ‘Blogs we like’ list in return for a link on your Blog Roll.

    Let me know,


  5. Dear Peter,
    I have been reading your blog for a little while now. And I’m enjoying the insight it provides. One of the things that I looked at (above the picture) was a tab called “sayings”. I’m glad I was able to peruse it before it was gone as there were three sayings there that have given me insight into myself. And they are causing me to “think”.
    Thank you for sharing them.


  6. from aurora on mayne island:

    last night i sat all night with my mom [in] emergency as she had a stroke. a kind worker, an orderly, i think, came by with tea for me. it made me think of you at your workplace, and the kindly acts you do for people there.

    being offered this tea touched me so deeply, as it was so unexpected. this worker may never know the impact his act had on me/ i just wanted to pass this on to you, as you often do the same for others, and may not know of the impact of your acts.
    thinking about it brings tears to my eyes

  7. Peter,

    Wonderful discovering your blog. Like ‘meeting’ a kindred spirit. I just renewed my meditation practice after many years away. I am also thinking of re-engaging into social work path, this time in hospice setting. Reading about your experience with end-of-life care is very timely . . . Thank you. You write beautifully about profound matters.


    • kindrid pilgrims, walking on adjacent paths, greetings! i saw your blog and intend to follow your story.

      what took you away from your practice, and what brought you back? i’m asking because my own hits a dry spot again and again. Hospice work, on the other hand, deepends it with each day. So …. zazen (meditation, Jap) is everywhere, least of all on the cushion (for me).

    • our intentions coincide. my vow to post on this blog requires daily reflection on what might otherwise go unnoticed. 100 ways to bow and kiss the ground, as Rumi says.

  8. dear p,
    out of chaos comes joy and silence to the one who waits patiently…
    a friend who waits joyously for the silence…

  9. Hi Peter,

    Gary here. It’s been about three weeks since we met at Mount Madonna. Wow how time flies…

    I hope you are doing well. I would like veyr much to contact you. Can you pass me an email?

    Hope to chat soon,


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