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Feeling deeply appreciated and nourished by the comments to my previous post, I dip into The poetry of Zen* —

Whatever it is,
I cannot understand it,
although gratitude
stubbornly overcomes me
until I’m reduced to tears.

* by Saigyō Hōshi (西行 法師, 1118–1190) in Hamill, S., & Seaton, J. P. (2007). (trans.). Boston: Shambhala, p. 112. image: “Old Man Weeping” after Van Gogh by Gordon Christie when he was still a teenager.


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  1. oh, no… i thought to myself as i sat down here – maybe there is no sunday poem? thank you p…may you be well and happy

    • glad to be of service, nancy. sunny day. Hospice garden tour today. Many coming. 5 grown men with bonzai trees also present. may all beings be at ease.

  2. but i imagine that behind/beneath/beside your tears there is a small enigmatic smile

  3. Your voice is one I look forward to now that it has come into my life. Only very recently have you come into my life, but as I recognise the timelessness in your heart it seems like I have been speaking with you for years as I have a close friend.

    Rest well in the knowing that your work has not gone unappreciated.

    Although it is said that those “who know don’t speak,” what would our time here amount to if no one had bothered to share from deep within their heart?

    • One paradox after another, Frank. I was born to speak (worked as an educator for most of my adult life) and thrive in silenece (solitarry walks and monastic retreats). Very soon a new website will be UP, combining blog and other things. I know I’ll continue to write, just less so. Thank you for your kind words, Frank. May your heart be filled with sun. peter/daishin


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