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We finished a 4-week Mindful Living course last night. In response to someone’s report of persistent back pain and another’s mention of not having enough time to meditate, I spoke of obstacles as key ingredients to the practice of mindfulness. Each obstacle on the path to happiness is in fact the path itself. Each calls us to ‘come to our senses.’ Instead of resisting or wishing them to go away, I suggested, we can welcome them as fingers pointing to the moon. “It’s helpful,” writes Pema Chodron,

to realize that … doing everyday things like working, walking outside, talking with people, bathing, using the toilet, and eating is actually all that we need to be fully awake, fully alive, fully human. 

source: Chodron, P. (2010). The wisdom of no escape and the path of loving-kindness. Boston: Shambhala, p.5. image:


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