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Although the wind
blows terribly here,
the moonlight also leaks
between the roof planks
of this ruined house.

Izumi Shikibu (974?-1034?) was a court lady in ancient Japan. In: Hirshfield, J. (date?). (ed). Women in praise of the sacred: 43 centuries of spiritual poetry by women. HarperPerennial. image: source unknown


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  1. moonlight and a wind makes a heady combination, no?
    short, simple and interesting 🙂

  2. Feel as I you are hiding, I’m still thinking what does it mean. Nice, I like a poem that keeps me on my toes

  3. brilliant lines.

    there are always two sides of the story.
    you rock.

  4. chongshalom

    So would you still stay in that house? (:

    Great poem, short and sweet.

    -RPIMotion Author

  5. Hmmm I’m thinking that even in the roughest of conditions we may find ourself – there is always beauty to be found! Nice. 🙂


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