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There’s a line in one of James Joyce’s Dubliners short stories about Mr. Duffy who “lived a short distance from his body.” That’s how I feel this morning. Bought a router for the computer and spent “chatting” with a succession of tech support people (Suchita, badge 71460 and Kaustav 71122, to name but two) trying to get it installed. Each asked the same initial questions, then poked this way and that, and suddenly wrote, “I understand you no longer need my assistance.” No, don’t go! Reconnecting meant a new technician and starting from scratch, “Could you please let me know what is the main issue, so that I can assist you further?” Arrghh, not again! Finally, after 4 hours and 28 minutes, Prasad (#71591), my fifth contact, advised to “get router back to store and get it replaced.”

How did I manage to waste all that time and come away with nothing to show for it? Following a night of restless sleep, I feel like Mr. Duffy: disconnected from my body. Makes me wonder how much time is spent, every hour, every minute, as we chat and text and blog away — communicating into the void.


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  1. Lynn Marttila

    Felt exhausting as I put myself in your 4 hour 28 minute experience! Could it be practising patience? Thank you for your thoughts on experiencing voids….reminds me to be mindful of those moments of disconnection. The fatigue I haven’t let go of yet with mindfulness!

  2. Christina Cronk

    I feel like that quite often, separate from my body – it is a bizzare feeling! Sorry for your frustrating experience. I do love the quote.

  3. i am laughing! technology seems to do that – it appears to be simple and then not so much – i too have had router challenges big time. one router now has a tinfoil elizabethan collar to direct the beams in the desired direction (aka parabolic antenna). good luck with it all xx

  4. PS and find the entire process of coping with technology the biggest challenge to my patience. irritation boils up like a geyser…

  5. Once it’ setup properly by shaw, you’ll love flexibility of chatting, bloggin, skyping anywhere in your house !

    I almost gave up shaw and went back to telus but they comepnsated with first free month for hassle and unncessary time spent on confusion

    Hang in there, peter


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