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mindful yoga in victoria

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I recently completed Misha Gitberg’s course and recommend it highly. It was my first yoga course ever (me being the self-conscious sceptic) and I’ve already signed up for this next one.

Misha writes: Mindful Yoga is ideal for those who want to experience yoga as a spiritual practice, not merely as a physical workout. In this style of yoga, the work with the mind is as important as working with the body. The result is a deeper experience of mind-body connection, inner peace and health.

Over the course of ten weeks we work in a small group to explore a number of yoga asanas. Each is approached with care and compassion, with full awareness of breath and body sensations. We will hold each pose for a period of time, so that we can fully appreciate their subtle effect on the flow of energy and allow our body enough time to begin a process of opening. We will also explore a number of breath techniques (pranayamas) to deepen our experience, energize and calm the mind and body, and move toward a state of bliss and balance.

Starts May 26 for 10 weeks, 5:00 to 6:30 pm, James Bay area. Visit website for details.


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  1. Wonderful! Yoga was the path to meditation for me as it is for many. I continue to do a yoga practice after my daily ‘sit.’

    If there is anyone who feels that his/her age is a deterrent, I recommend the “50 and Better” program at the Victoria Yoga Centre on Fort St.

  2. Thanks Peter! I met Misha the other night at Wellspring Counselling where he works as well. A beautiful being.


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