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assassination makes world “a safer place”

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 For a Buddhist perspective, read this blog and this. image: AP


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  1. Hi Peter:

    Thank you for posting this. I needed to hear those words. As a matter of fact, I cut myself off any “news” just because of the jubilation for both this event and the Canadian elections’ sad results.
    As Margaret Thatcher would put “there is no other way”. I also question the role of “sports-as-we-know them” with those rapacious reactions to “winning”.

  2. I’m struggling emotionally with the result of our election. I’m sad today and feeling powerless. A majority government who share none of my values can now ride rough shod over our country. “Getting tough on crime” while cutting methadone clinics and criminalizing marjuanna possession. how do i rise above this sadness that overwhelmes me ?


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