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… or, more precisely, your judging mind. Surveying the morning papers online, I come face to face with people in the news. Trying to bypass the royal couple is difficult, since marketing hysteria deems it headline news. My socialist self rebels against their elitist opulence.

Personal wealth notwithstanding, this man doesn’t know or care how silly his hair makes him look. True to form he takes credit for forcing President Obama to release his birth certificate. He wants to be the next president of the “most powerful nation on earth.” Scary.

Finally a white-haired Israeli, Schalom Nagar, who was Adolf Eichmann’s executioner on June 1, 1962. Only 26 at the time, he performed the job just once, the only time in his country’s history. “I was much too young,” he told a reporter, “I never want to do that again.” Sad.


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  1. don’t forget (in some cases)Lord Krishna’s admonition to Arjuna: your job is to let fly the arrow as best you can. It is my job to determine it’s correctness.


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