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there are days …

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… when nothing much happens, nothing spectacular anyway. just one thing after another, as on other days. It’s then that the little things grab me by the nose (or ear, as my stepmom used to) and say, “Listen!”

And so it is today. Someone wrote to say “thank you for all you do” and another asked for advice on “where should I go from here.” Then a note from the monastery about “scattering Alex’s ashes,” that lovely man, painter and dad to two sweet kids, who died from some degenerative brain thing. And a friend sending a picture of her love bird named Bean (“because he looked like a green bean when we first got him”) who fell off his perch, twitched a bit, and didn’t survive another seizure. “We wrapped him in tissue paper and buried him in the garden under a flower-pot — after the dog had given him one last sniff.”

Just another day, eh?! There are a hundred ways to kneel and kiss the ground, Rumi says. I’m grateful to be disturbed in my slumber.


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  1. A lovely reminder to watch it all arise and float on by. I’m grateful for your words.

  2. Yes, Tess, ordinary is extra-ordinary, and vice versa. Need to pinch myself from time to time.

    John Lennon said that “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”

  3. … many different events – you skimmed them. You usually dive deeply into just one.

  4. you’re right, A.

    that’s what struck me as I wondered what to write. that much happens — inside and around us — which could easily get past our awareness. I don’t mean routine things, but the ones that have to do with others’ lives. Things that enrich mine … if only I pay attention.

  5. lynn Marttila

    Thank you for bringing my attention to be with my Island day today……but out of the ordinary I want to share I just watched Patrick Chan, our Canadian men’s figure skating champion win Gold at the World’s in Moscow!

  6. and I flunked out of Vipassana School, and learned tremendous amounts doing so! Life is so wonderful…..


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