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sunday poem (“once again”)

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once again,
spring delivers its burden.
daffodils and cherry abound;
soon lilacs will expect favours
in my evening walks.
young–and old!–women burst
from their husks again
and my errant feet will take me
time and again into the sunshine
where, more than I can satisfy,
fancies and ideas bloom, and
desire will delight–and pain–me.

text by Steve Slavik, a mathematician and Inferno translator, who lives with his cat above a hardware store and comes to meditate at my house. image “lilac daffodil” hand painted soft worsted weight wool yarn by aspenmoonart.


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  1. beatutiful poem!

  2. a most UNEXPECTED picture to illustrate this poem. well chosen, Dr Renner.

  3. another version of the same sentiment

    another damn spring
    comes along
    and dumps its load
    of daffodils and cherry blossoms
    on me–
    as if I had wanted to think about lilacs
    and to watch more busty women
    bursting out of their clothes;
    as if I needed more of desire’s
    enchantment–or the trouble.

    god save me from springtime!

  4. bursting from my husk.. that’s just how spring feels… what a wonderful way to describe it…


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