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do april 1 pranks contravene buddhist precepts?

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For anyone who’s ever had to compose one of those pesky ENGL100 essays, sent a snappy text message to the Department of Prisons to explain a time delay regarding a weekend pass, or agonize over the correct wording of a Dear Jane/John letter, this announcement should come as good news:

the next version of Microsoft Word will include a yet-to-be-named squiggly blue line to alert the writer when a word is too advanced for mainstream audience.

see also: NY Times 50 most often looked up words for 2010.


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  1. for goodness sake, what will they think of next

  2. ug. another way to make sure we are never challenged.

  3. Is this like you getting married and going to Japan to open a noodle house??

    • indded. what a sharp memory you have, carole. the noodle house never materialized, but there’s a zendo in victoria that’s quite successful; we may be adding a 3rd night in may and, gosh, there IS a little woman as well. wonders upon wonders.

  4. I’m getting too senile for such things…..

  5. “when a word is too advanced for mainstream audience.”

    Most public information pamphlets are are aimed at a grade 6 reading level as it is….

    What is happening to learning to read?


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