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each breath a gift (please remind me)

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Just another morning, and yet, and yet — a new day, pale rays of sunshine, robins doing their run-three-step-then-stop-and-listen-for-worms dance, daffodils are out, and hundreds of ornamental cherry trees fill the streets with pink and white blossoms. I slow down, delay jumping up to ‘get busy’ for a little while, open the door to the front yard, sit on a chair facing the window, listen to my hearts gentle pounding.

There’s really nothing I need to do. Being alive unfolds in spite of “me.” Might as well wake up and join in. It’ll be over soon enough (that’s a fact, mon amour!) May you experience this day — and the next breath and the one after that —  as a rare blessing. As the saying goes: Sitting quietly, doing nothing, spring comes, and the grass grows by itself.


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  1. As always enjoyed your post enjoying the simple and very beautiful things in life. I managed to sleep a solid 6 hours after coming home from nights what a joy an event that has not happend for about 2 years. Plan to see you wednesday night for meditation and hope to sit on a cushion as I have been doing yoga regularly for about 4 weeks.

  2. thanks for the reminder!


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