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a handgun as a State symbol?

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Seems an obscene proposition, this bill now before the Utah legislature, raising an automatic pistol, the Browning M1911, to State symbolhood. It reads like something out of a bad novel. But there it is, amid the over-weaponized landscape to our south: along with the dutch oven (official cooking utensils), square dance (official dance), sugar beet (historical vegetable), and 20 other things the fine citizens of Utah are proud of. The State of Arizona is apparently not far behind with plans to raise the Colt to similar status. A citizen’s right to bear arms, a “God given” right no doubt, protected by the second amendment to the Constitution passed … 220 years ago.

What’s wrong with people’s heads? Forgive me for despairing for a moment, for withholding compassion and acknowledging my ignorance.


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  1. Some of the legislation being proposed around the country these days deserves nothing but criticism and questioning. And as for the folks who are proposing it: I honestly don’t know what to say anymore.

  2. Reading this makes me feel like I’m in the middle of a Carl Hiaasen novel!

  3. Freedom, by the way

    With all of the important issues the federal and state governments should be tending to, it does seem silly. I guess no sillier than the Prez sharing his final 4 picks.


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