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a note to my multi-tasking friends

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“There’s a lot we can do in the fast lane — we can grow and we can expand.
But we cannot deepen, and we cannot integrate our experiences, unless we slow down.” (Angeles Arrien*)

As Br. Wayne Teasdale writes, “when we deepen and find integration of our most important experiences, we also find the common ground with all other sentient beings. To enter into this depth of realization, we must slow down and make contemplation a singular priority in our lives.”

sources: Arrien, A. (1998). Signs of life. Tarcher. Teasdale, W. (2004). The mystic hour. New World Library, p. 243. *Dr. Arrien is a teacher in the year-long end-of-life care program I completed in 2006.


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  1. Agree. But it seems to me that the other “singular priority” since we are humans in a real world here id to live more and more totally in the moment with the things we are doing. As the last lines of The Five Remembrances say : “My deeds are my closest companions … the ground on which I stand.”

    Carl Jung had this to say: The self is relatedness …. Only when the self mirrors itself in so many mirrors does it really exist – then it has roots.[groundedness] …. The self appears in your deeds, and deeds always mean relationship.

  2. A beautiful reminder of presence in all things. Thank you.


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