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mindfulness: the root of all buddhist meditation (aha!)

(Further to yesterday’s post) “What meditation is really about is to pay attention.” With that simple sentence (see YouTube), Jon Kabat-Zinn points to the roots of Buddhist meditation, regardless of which school it belongs to or who teaches it in the West. By developing and validating Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) over the last 30 years, Jon and colleagues at the University of Massachusetts School of Medicine have lifted meditation from the confines of Buddhism and placed it into the mainstream of everyday living.

Spending seven days with Jon (and collaborator Saki Santorelli) has caused a shift in my understanding and — more significantly — opened new ways for me to make meditation available to people who may be put off by the language and formalities associated with Buddhism.


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  1. AHA indeed. you told me once, wrote it in a book front page for me, ‘every breath a new beginning’ how simple. how utterly gloriously simple. be here now. sigh. good luck!


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