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what will you do with this precious time?

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Eight-hundred-ten months, 3,240 weeks, 24,705 days, 385,688 non-sleeping hours: those are the statistics of my life thus far. According to the Life Expectancy Calculator I may live till age 81.89 (compared to 65 predicted for males born in 1943). Statistically, I’ve already outstayed my welcome. Realistically, numbers mean little should the proverbial brick fall on my head or a phone call inform me that the doctor is not happy with certain test results. In short, the clock is ticking as I write and nothing is for certain.

Which brings me to a common theme of this blog: how to live and die consciously. How to be present in as many moments, hours, and days in this life time. “It is not too late to take stock of our lives,” writes Kathleen Dowling Singh,

“even in the last weeks and days of terminal illness. And for those of us in the midst of life, in the apparent safety and security of our health, it is not too early. No matter how much time we have left to live, the answers to the following questions, voiced in the quiet honesty of our own hearts, provide direction to the rest of our living.” 

Her questions for us include the following:

♥ How have I used my gift of a human life?
♥ What do I need to “clear up” or “let go of” in order to be more peaceful? 
♥ What gives my life meaning?
♥ For what am I grateful?
♥ What have I learned about tenderness, vulnerability, intimacy, and communion?
♥ How am I handling my suffering?
♥ If I remembered that my breaths were numbered, what would be my relationship to this breath right now?

source: Singh, K.D. (2000). The grace in dying: how we are transformed spiritually as we die. HarperOne.


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  1. reminds me of that lovely Mary Oliver poem with the particularly striking line “what will you do with this one wild and precious life” Good question to let sink deep into our souls. Thanks for bringing into our vision again.

  2. Singh’s last question says it all I think – the appreciation of each moment we are blessed enough to experience…


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