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alternative new year’s eve celebration

Adapted from the Japanese custom Joya no Kane, the year-end ringing of the temple bell. I’ve been doing this for several years and invite you to join me. Ingredients: close to midnight, sit in silence for an hour. Then strike a bell 108* times — ideally outside — and with each measured ring remember someone in your life: near and far, dead and alive, friend and foe. Then write on a piece of paper “One thing I want to let go off” and burn it. Then bow and drink a glass of sparkling beverage. Cheers!

The zendo will be open on Friday, December 31, at 10:45 pm (22:45). Bells and gongs to be supplied, also sparkling cider. May all beings be happy.

*According to Buddhist beliefs, 108 is the number of passions and desires entrapping us in the cycle of suffering and awakening (saṃsāra). The 108 bell chimes symbolize the purification from the 108 delusions and sufferings accumulated in the past year. image: Japanese temple bell


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  1. Thank you! Happy New Year, Daishin!


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