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lessons learned? i think not.

Caught a newspaper headline while sitting in a café: Lessons learned in 2010. Didn’t read the article but later found myself ruminating: Shouldn’t it be lessons taught? How often do we talk about ‘learning from experience’ and ‘what this relationship taught me’ — only to carry on repeating the same thing (behavior, mistake, belief) as if nothing had happened. Sir Winston Churchill said, “I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught.” Pretty much!

Here are some lessons I been taught but have difficulty learning:

1.  It’s not about me.
2.  The world doesn’t owe me a thing.
3.  Nothing stays the same. Nothing. 
5.  My childhood ended 50 years ago.

6.  It’s not about me.
7.  Research says that intelligent people are not immune from Imposter Syndrome.

8.  I’m going to die.
9.  Those voices in my head? They’re just voices, not the truth. 
10. If something is the best I can do, then it is — otherwise I’d have done better.

11. Apparently, it’s not about me.
12. Guilt is self-made.

13. I cannot make another person’s pain go away.
14. My brother and I have the same parents  — that doesn’t guarantee we be best friends.
15. Things are as they are, whether I like them or not.

16. Letting go is hard to do.
17. Cutting myself some slack is not the same as slacking off.
18. Being retired means not having to work as hard as during the previous 50 years.
19. Feeling depressed is not a character flaw. 
20. Lists are mere lists.


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