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One day my teacher
held up a fishing net.
Because this has holes,
he said, it’s a net.
It’s important to know
what things are. This
net can hold many fish,
but the holes come with it.

Part of a poem titled “A game of miracles.” Levitt, P. (2008). Within within. Windsor, ON: Black Moss Press, p. 59. Peter has written and translated poetry and Zen stories; he leads the Salt Spring Zen Circle. image credit:


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  1. Peter your poem today made me smile and giggle. Those darn holes… as purposefully necessary as the net. Lovely contribution to my day as I discuss letting go of a behaviour that was at one time supportive for someone close to me but is now getting in the way of their skill development. One of my nets, taking care of others, has a hole in it. It cannot be fixed because the hole is part of the net but it can be cast in new waters.

    • You’ve been taking care of others for much of your live, non? During the last three years especially. As the Buddha is said to have said: “You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” May you cast widely (and wisely).


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