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On most Sundays, members of the troupe over at wake up and laugh! post pictures of Buddhism-related sites in Korea. I’ll follow in their footsteps today. After Wednesday’s surgery I still find sitting (for any reason, be it meditation, writing, or drinking coffee) too painful. Even standing up, as I do right now, strains the mending muscle fibers. A photo with brief commentary makes things easier for me right now. Fewer words may also open you to the intimacy of the image and its topic (see punctum on November 2nd). This one I took during my recent walk along the Mosel River in Germany. Look closely and what do you see? What materials and textures, natural and artificial, do you recognize? What might be the occasion for this display? If you think you know, what emotions arise within you? Even if you can’t figure it out — or don’t care to: What’s going on in this photograph, and in your heart-mind? May your life go well.


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  1. Dear Peter,
    Sending healing energy and lots of love your way.

  2. I took the photo in a cemetary near a small town along the Mosel, prior to a mid-day funeral. The shovel of ashes, neatly placed next to the astro-turf-lined grave, was to be used to cast ashes-to-ashes once the casket had been lowered into the ground.


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