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End-of-Life Care Practitioner (training program)

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Call for applications to the 9-month part-time program at the Metta Institute of San Francisco under the direction of Frank Ostaseski. I completed the program in 2006 and recommend it whole-heartedly. It was a transformational experience that continues to inform what I do and how I live my life. Please feel free to contact me at renner”at” Frank writes:

Dying is much more than a medical event. It is a unique opportunity for growth and transformation for all involved. New approaches are needed that utilize the best of medicine, respect personal integrity, and restore death to its honored and sacred place.

This comprehensive program offers an unparalleled opportunity for personal and professional development. The course develops the clinicians’ essential clinical competencies, expands knowledge and skills, strengthens individual capacity for compassionate service, and fosters spiritual growth. One to one coaching by faculty and collaborative learning help participants to function with presence, empathy and authenticity in an increasingly complex healthcare workplace.

Our core faculty are not the usual voices in hospice care. They are leading teachers in a range of related fields offering a fresh vision and pragmatic solutions for improving care of the dying. All are advocates for reclaiming the soul in caregiving and restoring a life-affirming and transformative relationship to dying. Going beyond the traditional medical models, we focus on the psychosocial and spiritual dimensions of dying. Our aim is to assist clinicians in developing a degree of mastery in approaching educational programs that include contemplative approaches to dying.

Curriculum, costs, and application at Deadline for the January 2011 start is October 30, 2010. Partial scholarships are available. The program involves monthly residential stays — long weekends and week-longs — in the Bay Area. United offers direct flights from Victoria to San Francisco.


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