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What’s this then, you may wonder. Appreciation of what by whom? Terrill Welch, a blog-writer on Mayne Island, British Columbia, recently had her life-work, along with several of her stunning nature paintings, featured at another website. Two other bloggers were inspired by her work as well. Reflecting on these reverberations, Terrill now poses what she calls a sprouting question: “What is your favourite story about someone who has admired your work?” What a splendid question! For me to answer it will require dropping some bashfulness. Many of us are conditioned not to ‘blow our own horn’ but the question runs much deeper: How has someone else admired what you do? 

image: “Evening sea” © Terrill Welch at


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  1. Oh Peter I see you have taking up and expanding on today’s Creative Potager sprout question. It is a hard question and it does run as deep as you say it does… for me at least. I make a practice of stopping to celebrate what is going right in my day. A way of capturing the blessings. I like to listening to what others have to say. Then I like to release it – good or bad. But I find if I am not careful all the good to runs over me without my noticing. So it helps if I pause and tell someone. That is what I was encouraging others to do with this question… and some did a fine job of doing just that, while others worked on it as if learning a new dance step. All efforts are good:)) I don’t think our head ever gets too big from noticing acts of loving kindness that gifted to us.

    Thank you for your reference, your link and your sharing. Now I shall take my blushing self from all this attention off to bed. Terrill


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