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after the rain

As I mentioned to Nathan (in reply to his comment of yesterday), if we do the right thing and the stars are aligned just so :-), we may be rewarded for our efforts. No guarantees, alas. In our little family the day began with lightness, freshness in the air as if after a summer rain, much laughter, and eye-to-eye conversations. A rarity, I always thought, but there it was: we got along just fine. It was if my outburst of yesterday relayed my heart’s desire for acceptance, that we listened to each other in a deeper way, and that my apology smoothed feathers and brought us close.  

The thing with all matter, especially relationships, is that nothing lasts. Impermanence is a fundamental understanding in Buddhist practice. What I can do is rejoice in the lifting of weight and at the same time watch my step (in thoughts, words, actions) carefully. Who knows what mood or topic pops up at the next turn — and calls us to be mindful again and again?

“Grant that I may be given appropriate difficulties and suffering on this journey so that my heart may be truly awakened and my practice of liberation and universal compassion me be truly fulfilled.”

Tibetan prayer, in Kornfield, J. (1993). A path with heart. New York: Bantam, p. 73.

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  1. Guten Tag Peter
    I have very much enjoyed following your journey. In yesterdays post I could total relate chilldhood imprints always seem to follow me with my family which now consists of 2 brothers and I always think I have done so much work and there is always so much more to do. One of the things I appreciate about your posts they let me know I am not the only one who has these thoughts or concerns and has difficulties to work them out and you put a new perspective on things. Take care, ella

    • yes, ella,

      there is comfort in knowing we’re not alone. the “work” however, we have to do alone, each in our way, with our people. i’m finding new patience and generosity in my heart. also letting things (words) slide and not react as quickly as I might have (as recently as yesterday :-)).

      be well, peter

  2. don’t you think that we are rewarded for our efforts no matter what happens – there is always a chance to learn, to reflect, to pause, to whatever it might be… i know it sounds rather pollyanna-ish i just like to think that every moment can be a teachable/learnable moment! as you say, who knows what the next moment brings and what can i glean from that?


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