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please try this at home

Kyoku at the monastery sends out occasional mindfulness exercises. Here’s the latest instalment–

Breathe. That is our mindfulness task for the next 2 weeks.
The Buddha taught this meditation often and said that breath
meditation couldlead directly to enlightenment. However much
we have done this practice, we can go to the next level.
Meticulous attention is the means by which we can see through
our hallucination about who we are and how reality is. Let our
goal be meticulous and continuous attention to this conglomeration
of sensations we call breath. In and out - what are we calling in
and out? What exactly are the bodily sensations of THIS breath?

As we go through the day we can return to this task again and
again and notice not only the breath but how such practice
effects us.  Are we on an in-breath or an out-breath when we
remember this task, when we wake up and fall asleep, as we start
the car, take a pee, walk through a door, add milk to our coffee?
And is there a being that breaths?  How do we know?

Breathing-in, I rest in the moment and delight in our practice together.

image:, sorry about the weird page layout coming to you from a far-away internet café.


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