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when a monk walks, he walks.

Greetings all,

haven’t posted for a few days due to travels and jet lag and relatives without a computer. Internet cafes are becoming a rarity. Everyone smokes here. But I know that my home is safe (house-sitter) and that it rains here as well as there: the garden is being taken care of. I plan to write whenever possible as I begin my walk along the Mosel (Moselle) River tomorrow. It’s part of the Camino network of trails that eventually lead to Santiago de Compostela in Spain. ‘Camino’ means  ‘way’ in Spanish — pilgrimage trails from all over Europe leading to the NW part of the Iberian peninsula. But that’s not my destination. In fact, I have no destination. I’ll simple walk, putting one foot in front off the other. In the words of 13th-century Master Dogen, “With every step I am at home.” Good practice.


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  1. Enjoy every minute of your walking Peter!

  2. Hi Peter,
    You must be over in Germany now. It must be wonderful hiking this time of year. I’m also getting ready to head to that way (Frankfurt) in a few weeks.
    Have fun!

  3. Yes, ideal hiking weather, Chong Go: cool not cold, misty not raining. may your travels be rewarding.



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