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worthy of an upgrade

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I’m teaching today and won’t be able to post till later. Before heading out I found this comment by Chong Go Sunim, a blogger-friend who lives as a monk in Korea. On the topic of “what am I afraid of” (see my post of Sunday) he writes:

I think one of the biggest hindrances here are the little attachments that I don’t notice are there most of the time. It’s only when something really serious happens, or is about to happen, that I become aware of them.

I think the fear is also in relation to what I don’t know and can’t control. So in that sense, letting go of these things while alive might be good preparation.

I once reserved a cheap room in a really nice hotel for one night. When I got to the room (tiny and dingy), I discovered it was also a smoking room, even though I’d requested non-smoking. I drug my too-heavy suitcase back down to the lobby and spoke to the clerk. She started typing and frowning, typing and frowning, until a few minutes later she suddenly smiled and said she had a room for me. Well, the room she gave me was incredible. Huge bed, bright, wood floors, antique writing desk, and a bathroom that was enormous. That room was so nice I utterly forgot about the first room, my dissapointment, and the hassles of dragging my luggage around. It was about a week before I even remembered about that part of my trip.

I guess the moral is live a life worthy of an upgrade and don’t worry about the outcome. It will be so nice that you’ll completely forget about all the hassles that came before.



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  1. Thanks for reposting this comment. I didn’t see it the first time round and it is truly inspiring and worthy of our attention. I like that: “worthy of an upgrade” and I thought it would be computer related. But then it is a “system upgrade” of sorts!


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