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to err is human

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In the past, when I began to study Zen,
it was all a mistake.
Wandering through numberless
mountains and rivers,
I wanted to find
something to know.
(It’s all clear in hindsight.)
It is hard to understand it
because talk about “no-mind”
just brings more confusion.
The teacher has pointed out
the ancient mirror
and I see in it
the time before I was born of my parents.
Having learned this,
what do I have?
Release a crow into the night
and it flies
flecked with snow.
Note: “ancient mirror” refers to wisdom, to what is true, unspoiled; “before I was born of my parents” refers to our Buddha or true nature, before we were shaped and conditioned. By Dayang Jingxuan (n. d.) found at image: “Cawing crow on snow covered branch” by Koson; woodblock, ca. 1912, 

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