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In one week, on July 27, this blog will be three years old. I’ve written a post on each of 1082 days for an estimated 320,00 words (yikes!). A total of 1535 comments and 113,218 visits from 95 countries indicate that they haven’t gone unnoticed. And yet, it’s time to give it a rest.

In Hamlet’s Blackberry author William Powers quotes a 15th-century Italian scholar who, in reference to the invention of Gutenberg’s printing press, complained that —

Because now that everyone is free to print whatever they wish, they often disregard that which is best and instead write merely for the sake of entertainment. … And even when they write something worthwhile they twist it and corrupt it to the point where it would be better to do without such [writings].

Mindful of this blog’s contribution to the “obsessive connectivity” (Winer) that pervades our world, I hope to make a tiny dent in the noise by not posting for at least a week. I’ve thought about doing this before but always resisted for fear that regular readers would abandon the blog and never return. Fortunately I turned to the ancient Lao-tzu for guidance: “Practice not-doing / and everything will fall into place.”

I invite you to Comment and say something about the ways in which you connect with your heart and the silence that resides within.

sources: Powers, W. (2010). Hamlet’s Blackberry: a practical philosophy for building a good life in the digital age. New York: HarperCollins. Mitchell, S. (1988) (trans). Tao te Ching by Lao-tzu. New York: HarperPerennial, no. 3. Winer, L. (2010). “Born to check mail.” The New York Times Book Review, July 18, p. 9.


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  1. I connect with my heart in a daily Tai Chi practice, long bicycle rides, and swimming.

  2. Good gravy Peter only a weeks break? I thought you shutting down your blog at first. Maybe take two weeks… takes that long to get use to not going to the computer and thinking about doing a blog.

    I was just at my daughters wedding. I usually take photographs at such events. But this time I asked myself to simply be fully present in the moment. I was. It was lovely… now though I miss not having any photographs that I took of the wedding couple. I felt great in the moment… enjoying my connections with children, grandchildren, siblings, nieces, nephews, aunts and uncles and all of Josie’s new family through her husband Ryan. It is only now that I am home and missing everyone that I miss not having taken photos. Funny how that is.

    p.s. there was a wedding photographer and other people took photos so there will be images to enjoy a bit later.

  3. i enjoy hanging out with children who are totally present; and i enjoy living in nature where i can find solitude and be alone.

  4. perhaps consider the time away from the blog as an inward journey, a silent retreat…

  5. enjoy the week off. i hear you about needing a break from blogging, even if it’s a beneficial activity (which I think it certainly can be).

  6. Peter, I, for one, will not abandon you!! Enjoy your break, you may want longer? I connect with the silence within when in the wild natural world, creating my pictures, gardening, working with my dreams and meditating…though I am aware that it is not often enough lately. Even though mine is fairly limited, the ‘obsessive connectivity’ still does take up so much time and draws me away from other things. I will use this week to cut down on computer time and spend more time with things which allow me to connect inwardly instead! …thankyou for the reminder.

  7. “Peter, I, for one, will not abandon you!! ” Same here!

    How do I connect? Well, half-jokingly, by reducing pulls on my time and not visiting my favorite blogs. 😉 More seriously, by remembering to check in with that center within me about things, rather than acting/thinking based solely on the words I hear or the thoughts running through my brain.


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