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It was bound to happen: a certain Zen practitioner (medium height, foreign accent, balding, weird dress, no socks) was caught on video in a monastery garden and tapes have been posted online. That’s the thing with YouTube: once published, images won’t go away. The videos are dated 2008 but, as far as we know, the events took place several years earlier. An anonymous visitor to this blog sent us a link a while back, but her message was ignored for reasons that will become apparent. Restrained from gossiping due to Buddhist Precepts, we’ve decided to air these images for the greater good.

When confronted, the man first denied (“who me?”), then claimed amnesia (“gosh, it’s all a blur”), tried to make light of it (“we were all much younger then”), and finally fessed up (“I remember now but, as they say, that man’s dead; impermanence, don’t ya know!”). (See related post on imagining your own death, June 21).

You best have a look yourself. May you learn about life at a modern Zen monastery. Kindly send reactions, comments, and request for autographs.


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  1. lovely to see the man in the garden… looks alive and well to me! i enjoyed the tour and, the bonus – part 2…

  2. You are full of surprises and not camera shy at all! Nice to see the monastery on you tube. I’m excited about going in July.


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