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During tea following last night’s meditation, six of us sat for a while to share questions and observations of our practice. Jenny explained that she’d changed her inner instructions from “again and again, direct attention to your breath” to asking “where’s my breath?” This approach, this shift from instructing to inquiring, helped settle her busy mind into state of warmth and quiet.

This morning I read that the word “attention” comes from the Latin, ad tendere, which means to stretch. Giving ourselves the gift of attention — that is, being loving towards ourselves — also stretches our hearts towards others. Knowing that my friend works at hospice reminds me of the necessity to stretch kind attention, first towards my/self and from there to others.


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  1. Peter, my practice of following my intention with attention resulted in the most amazing orange day this week. A friend had received some unsettling news. She didn’t say what it was but reassured that no one was hurt. I went about sending her calming and resilient energy and all through the day the colour orange showed up. I am guessing it isn’t really important to attach any meaning to this… I just noticed and it created a pause, a stretch and a tremendous capacity to give. I wrote a little more about it on my blog today but I assure you there is no answer there… just more mystery:)

  2. terrill’s blog –with exquisite photographs of flowers on Mayne Island, BC — is at

  3. Thank you Peter for posting the link to my blog. My friend Laurie has now added a detail description about the colour yellow-orange. So now there is a little more than just more mystery.


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