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cutting each other some slack

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This sign speaks of mistakes and misunderstandings that continually shape my life. It reminds me that even a single letter (or gesture, nuance of speech, etc.) influences the way my thoughts and actions — however well-intentioned — will be perceived by others. And should I “litter,” will they forgive and forget … and should they litter, would I cut them some slack as well?

seen in Chicago’s Chinatown and reported in SPIEGEL.


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  1. Mistakes and misunderstandings do indeed shape lives, yet so do our successes. The tact and courtesy with which we treat others defines us.

    We all make mistakes and misunderstanding are something each of us has experienced – we are after all human.

    Our character or true nature is revealed in the steps we take, our actions, following the unfortunate event of mistake or miscommunication.

  2. Sometimes it seems so amazing to me how fluid our interpretations of what was said or done can be. Just a little tweak in perpective can make such a huge difference. There’s an old Korean Buddhist saying, “A cow drinks water and produces milk, and a snake drinks water and produces poison.”

    To me it all comes down to trying to view things positively. Like the living/dead cat in the box, things seem to become whatever attitude I choose.


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