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The other day Korean Zen (seon) monk Chong Go Sunim posted from Seoul, describing the state of the sun and giving the temperature that morning. I was struck by the simplicity of his words and photos. Just looking at what he saw. 

As I left home for a 7:20 dentist’s appointment this morning, I thought of taking a camera but decided instead to just see things with my unobstructed eyes. I saw long morning shadows, cracks in the sidewalk, plants growing out of impossible crevices in a stone wall, people carrying coffee cups on the way to work (?), the absence of children, two sparrows taking a dust bath, my bare toes peaking from sandals, a blue garbage truck tipping containers into its belly, a bearded cyclist pulling a home-made trailer contraption, out to collect bottles, and  . . . 

Ordinary things and creatures, so easily overlooked. What are you seeing as you step outside? Or, if you have to stay indoors, what do you notice right where you are?


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  1. Stillness. And the smell of gray.
    Too early yet for much traffic.
    The touch of cold, just this side of shivery, on my cheek.
    A lifting and dying breeze. Too small for wind.
    Far off, the muted wail of a siren.
    Send blessings.
    The intrusive sound of music from the outdoor speakers of the local Starbucks.
    Patio tables and chairs still piled up
    Through the windows a barrista on her knees filling a showcase.
    Taking sips from her tall coffee mug
    Behind the counter, a colleague busy with urns.
    Self-important sparrows, busy
    A crow flaps overhead on an early morning flight.
    As though everything is not quite yet
    A neighborhood waking up

  2. Far below outside the front window, valley grass between slightly moving branches of large fir.

    Below just inside the timber-framed walls of home, crinkled bed sheets where a body, as well as mine, has slept.

    Just below, soft light across the kitchen counter.

    Closing of latch to the bathroom door beneath the loft, beneath my feet.

    Small bird in trilling in branch next to the closed window.

    Feet, cold feet.

    Hands warm and tapping… tapping on keys of laptop.

    Breath held – now exhaled deeply… in and then out.


  3. A few days ago, I had the nicest surprise when i stepped outside; a deer, peacefully sitting on the grass about 3 feet away, enjoying the sunshine.
    “Good morning, and dont’ get up”, I said to the deer as I went on my way….

  4. Vigils…
    without alarm

    turning on the light
    sitting down


    The Sacred Heart of Psalms

    Lord, open my lips
    And my mouth will proclaim your praise

    breathing in…. psalmody
    breathing out… psalmody

  5. Had a very frazzling day dealing with Office of Fair Trading about faults on a car I just bought and insurance claims for a damaged camera etc.etc. Decided to go to a nearby field for some much needed respite…

    my tense hands on the wheel
    green fields and trees
    blue sky, white clouds
    warm air on my face
    rain soaked grass underfoot
    my lace coming loose
    the sound of a tractor working in the distance
    majestic old oak tree emanating dignity
    many birds singing
    cars like specks travelling a far off road
    flies round cow pats
    plane flying overhead
    white tufts of pollen drifting through sunlit air
    moss on gnarled oak tree roots
    red and black caterpillar looping its way up the trunk
    rabbits scampering away
    hare bounding across the field
    my breathing slowing
    jaw relaxed
    hands unclenched

  6. aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh! much love, fiona. taking good care of yourself.


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