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A year ago today, following a free birthday breakfast at Café X, I cycled towards the corner of Fort & Cook and, in an attempt to avoid a collision, pulled the brakes and flew over the handle bars to witness the car’s rear tire rolling over my left arm.

Yesterday morning, walking from a complimentary cinnamon bun at Café Y towards that very corner, I saw a crow sitting on the bench inside a glass-enclosed bus stop. Fearing it to be injured and or getting hurt flapping into the traffic, I extended a hand readily accepted. Turning toward a nearby chestnut tree, I encouraged birdie to fly away.

Ha! not so quickly young man! With ear-piercing screeches two big black parents suddenly descended, each scratching my scalp in passing. Two women approached to explain that they’d phoned the SPCA and to apply antiseptic lotion to my bleeding skull. A young man washing new cars at a nearby dealership talked about tetanus shots and helped rinse my hair.

Thank you everyone, protective birds and all.



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  1. sounds like this is one of your hot spots… may the scratches heal effortlessly

  2. you seem to have memorable birthdays, peter….

  3. Happy Birthday, Peter!

    (Though you do have some weird ones! ^-^ )

  4. thank you, chong go sunim. if all goes well i’ll have another one next year and we can all gather around for a chuckle. ps: i enjoyed the photos you posted yesterday at peter


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