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Once more I wake to the sound of birdsongs. Must be … yes, the clock says 4:01 in the morning. Where am I: in bed, busy night of dreams. What is today: Tuesday I think; the wind has let up, sunshine maybe? How is my body: aching from yesterday’s workout, a little neck pain, otherwise fine. What’s ahead: physio at 9, lunch with D, afterwards a 3-hour volunteer shift, later coffee and what’s left of the weekend NY Times … ha! And your own day? Chock-a-block with appointments, commitments, routines tasks and responsibilities? Ha!

All this is imagined. None of it certain. How much of any given day, week, life is all charted out in our minds, only to be shattered by the unexpected? Do you know what news the next phone call will bring? Can you predict what’ll happen when you cross the street to get to work this morning? Did Petty Officer Craig Blake know that he’d be killed by an improvised explosive device in Afghanistan yesterday?

All we know, at best, is what’s happening this very moment. And that only if we pay attention. Do it now, please. Stop whatever occupies you right now. Sit still, cease all busyness. Notice your body — without looking, become aware of your feet on the ground, your hands resting, you neck, your shoulders, your belly. Now your breath — inhale through the nose, feel air entering your body, expanding your chest, let it fill your abdomen; then exhale slowly.

Do this three times, slowly, deliberately. Gently escort your mind’s attention to where the breath enters and departs — rising and falling, expanding contracting. Nothing else. For just this moment. Everything else is added-on, unknown.

May your day go well.


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  1. There is a sense of freedom of allowing ourselves to “let go, let god/goddess guide our day, yet plans are always laid to a certain degree.
    yes taking a few moments to center, breath “slowly, deliberately” allows for those moments to come forth into the present.
    I would not be able to write this otherwise!

    I am Love, Jeff

  2. may your day go well also my friend just sitting down to pay for my weekend in June at Great Vow
    Take care, ella

  3. Peter thank you for your gifts in this moment as I breathe along with your words… some hours after they have been written and post, yet they are fresh to me, inspiring me. And this inspiration sometimes last into the next moment and the next until when photographing one of my special people your attention to the deep meaning of “eyes wide open” has found resonance and recognition and a place as the title to the related work. How many years have I been reading your blog? I have not counted but it is a few. I am drawn back again and again to the themes, fractures, musings, breadth and deep appreciation you share in your posts. Again – thank you.

  4. I bow to you — and all beings — in gratitude for this wonderful practice. Thank you Terrill for walking alongside me on this path of unfolding.


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