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what feeds your spirit?

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Chong Go Sunim (sunim is the Korean title for a Buddhist monk) posted this on a blog he maintains with four friends:

The great Korean Buddhist teacher Hanam Sunim (1876-1951) once said that the things we do in our lives either brighten our minds, or darken them. He said that there’s really no neutral ground, just effects that are too subtle for us to notice.

I thought of this the other day, when I came across this great line in the “Bangkok Tattoo”: Another washing machine, a bigger car, a nicer house to live in? Not much to feed the spirit in all that. 

He then asked:
What feeds your spirit?

Please post your response in the space below.


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  1. I enjoyed this post and resonate with this quote, “The things we do in our lives either brighten our minds, or darken them.”

    What feeds your spirit?
    Connection with Divinity

    Laurie Buchanan

  2. What feed my soul? Dancing! Everything from wiggling along to the music in my head, to performing a bellydance solo for a public audience, and all other forms of dance. It all feeds my soul 🙂

  3. What feeds my spirit? Human connection. Meaningful work. Laughter.

    Perhaps what strikes me most from your post is the knowledge that body, mind and spirit cannot exist seperately. If we do not work to maintain a balance between the three – we begin to die on some level.

  4. What feeds my spirit is walking in the woods with my two golden retrievers and my camera. With camera in hand my eyes look and see and feel the peace and love of the ever evolving cycle of life/nature. The sense feeds my spirit the know and be part of the cycle.

    I am Love, Jeff

  5. Peter I think I have an eclectic body of experiences that feed my spirit… such as walking in the woods or along the sea; feeling the sun and rain on my skin; great hugs from my family; laughter at nothing much but the inner joy of the company of people I love… and freedom to choose and re-choose, moment by moment. I can smile and cry with little to no reason – and both feed my spirit in the richness and depth of living in simple abundance.

    So I tried to think of what didn’t feed my spirit to what there was – white noise of traffic, artificial lighting angry fighting and nastiness even when it isn’t directed at me… that seems to be all I can think of. What I notice is that I shut down emotionally under these circumstance. I am no longer present. Hummm. Thank you for the question Peter.

  6. great question p… what feeds my spirit and makes my heart sing? being with people i love who love me regardless, walking in nature particularly on my own with the dogs, painting, laughing, a wonderful bowl of hot brown rice! unexpected generosity! oh, so many wonderful joys to feed me … even as i type, the silver rain shower through the sun casting shadows on the extraordiary green show mother n is putting on behind the house… oh, then there is the morning chorus! what a life

  7. Peter I have continued to think about your question today and as I posted an image of “joyful delight” – this it a precise example of what feeds my spirit He was eating limes and I was taking photos to try and catch “the lime” expression. Such fun!

  8. different things at different times. right now:

    – going off in half an hour, into the stormy weather, to meet my trainer for a workout at the beach (aaaahhhhhhh!);

    – volunteering (being of service) in the chemo treatment room at the cancer centre;

    – arguing with my friend arnie about ‘deep topics’ (today: faith, capitalism, Franciscan monks) and laughing at our sincere silliness;

  9. stepping beyond “me”, brave people, people who are really in touch with this deep nonduality, the way the clouds drift through the mountains on a rainy day, the smell of spring pine trees, coming back to the Dharma hall after a long time traveling…

  10. Diana N. O'Neill

    What feeds my spirit?

    My spirit is fed when I see others happy, joyful and/or loving. If they are not happy, joyful and/or loving, I make it my business to journey with them so that they can find that happiness, joy and/or love that is within them already in which is Go himself.

  11. Enjoying music, being outside, exercise, meditation and especially sharing any of that with people I love!

  12. Ouch! Such a question.
    I wonder Peter, if my spirit needs feeding.
    I suspect not.
    I suspect that it is perfect and whole in itself.
    But I am so little in contact with it, that I don’t really know.
    I do suspect that it is some other part of me – not sure what part – that needs ‘feeding’ and that responds to dualities like good/bad, pleasure/pain.
    I’ll be with your question and hopefully one day I’ll know
    But then perhaps I won’t care?


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