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At some time today the 100,004th visitor clicked on this weblog. Thank you for supporting my efforts during the past three years. Whether you come just once and never again, lurk (as they say) in the background to read and never comment, or send the occasional comments or, as some of you do, respond regularly: I’m deeply grateful for the encouragement.

My intention in writing a personal journal in this public manner is to show how one person makes meaning of the ordinary events in his life by sifting emotions, thoughts, and sensations through a screen of ancient wisdom teachings. In doing so, I aim to point towards the myriad gates of insight on y/our path to happiness.

Would I write if no-one visited the blog? Do the 170-or-so daily visits represent deliberate readers or accidental drop-ins? Who knows and Does it matter? When I prepare the meditation room for scheduled sittings, brush the cushions, sweep the walkway, light a candle, and set out the tea-tray, I do it without knowing whether anyone will come through the door that day. I simply do it for the benefit of all beings.

Deep bows,
Peter 大心

image: a frequent apparition on the sidewalks in Bangkok.


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  1. Now that pic stopped me in my tracks.
    Whoa! Talk about judgments …
    You can just imagine …
    Time to take a breath
    And start over

    And that’s what your postings so often do for me, Peter.
    Stop me in my tracks
    As someone else said:
    Thank you red stop light for this opportunity to stop and breathe and centre.

  2. malcolm,

    this is the second time in as many days that you sent a comment while I was still re-writing. I write on the the fly, posting even rough drafts to see how they flow. I may go back two or three times during the day for some polishing (most often to remove ‘dead wood’).

    And somewhere between re-posting you pop up: direct and unabashed, making me think and think again. Thank you, dear reader.

  3. Peter, I am an occasional responder a more regular reader who is consistently grateful the space you keep available for all of us. Thank you:)

  4. part of my early morning includes reading this blog and thank you peter for showing up with certainty, to be uncertain, to be humble, confused, joyous and thought provoking. each post has a nugget for me to reflect on during my day. though i didn’t comment on the letting go post, it certainly got me to pay attention. for some reason, it brought to mind this quote

    What we call the beginning is often the end. And to make an end is to make a beginning. The end is where we start from. ts eliot

  5. i was hoping to be the 100,000 visitor….the amazing power of the internet…

  6. maybe you were, dawne!!
    ps: you could still be the 650th over at

  7. seriously, i’d like to say that i never heard of Rumi, Mary Oliver, and many fine books before i read your blog…and i’d like to say thank you for sharing what you have…and helping to broaden my horizons …


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