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Might as well tell you: I have an appointment to meet with an editor next week to see how we might turn three years of blog posts into a book. Yes. Several readers have hinted at such a possibility and I’ve selected about 250 (of 998) posts that could stand on their own. All this thinking is preliminary, but I’m imagining something inspirational in nature; something to show how readers might reclaim their heart amid the chaos of everyday living. I’m grateful for the inspiration that keeps me writing (almost) every day and for the heart-felt responses from friends and strangers.

The statistics for this blog (a term derived from weblog) quantify its steady growth over time. Sixteen people are subscribers and receive alerts of new posts; the average daily views began with 18 in July of 2007 and now stand at 172. “How I learned to grieve” has become the most often viewed item (and the one that started all this during during a time of personal loss and transformation); it’s had 987 visits and continues to be checked every day.

I’m grateful for this vehicle — and you, its daily visitors and contributors — which challenges and supports my practice of conscious living for the benefit of sentient beings.
May all be free from fear.
May all be at ease.
May all be happy.

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  1. Good luck with the book project. I remember talking to Brad Warner after a meditation retreat about one of his books that began with blog posts. He said “It ended up being something completely different.” Maybe you’ll have better luck with less revision, or maybe not. Should be exciting in any case.


    • Another mystery, Nathan: who knows how this one will unfold. Brad’s work is a tad controvercial; mine, in contrast, may have trouble finding a big-name publisher. I’ve self-published three books successfully (one’s still selling at and I may well go that route again. Thanks for your kind wishes.
      peter daishin

  2. This blog is an amazing success, not only for the increasing number of entries, but for its quality and intent. The careful choice of poetry and pictures and the exquisite lay out are gifts to the eye and the soul. Hate to say this, but I particularly “liked” (for lack of a better word), when you shared your hard and pained times with such honesty. You truly address everyone of us and we can find resonance in what you go through. Your book will be a treasure, that I know for sure.

  3. I don’t know how I discovered your writings but I am sure glad I did. Thank you for your generosity of heart.

  4. Hello p, great news about the blog into book project… who knows what might emerge from this evolution!

  5. I have been so very moved and received such blessings from this blog. I’ve been a subscriber for a very long time (maybe one of the first?). I assumed I was among 100s, not 16. This blog is a treasure I found at just the most important time in my life. I’ve shared many of your posts and read books I wouldn’t have otherwise without your post references. I even ordered your teaching book quite some time ago to use in my own teaching of adults and college students. I have often thought “you should write a book” , as I read your references to others’. All this to say in my first comment that I so very much appreciate the gift you’ve given of yourself by sharing this blog with us, and I would be first in line to buy the book.


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