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a special form of life

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John O’Donohue grew up in Ireland, worked there as a Roman Catholic priest, later obtained a doctorate in philosophy at Tübingen University, left the Church, wrote, gave talks, and travelled widely as a mystical poet. He died all too soon two years ago at age 53. On the topic of yesterday’s post  he wrote:

The notion of vocation is interesting and rich. It suggests that there is a special form of life that one is called to; to follow this is the way to realize one’s destiny. Following one’s vocation ensures that what you choose to do finds itself in harmony with your inner nature. It also means that this is the optimum way to unfold and develop whatever gifts one has.

A vocation does not clear before you a smooth path through difficulties. Having a sense of one’s vocation does not in any way relieve one of  the travail and turbulence of being human. Indeed, being true to one’s vocation can often require a level of generosity and risk that will cause great suffering, for more often than not there is no surge of light to clarify directions; the light on offer in enough only to guide the next step.

source: O’Donohue, J. (2008). To bless the space between us. New York: Doubleday, p. 133. 


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