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sorry. sick.

Four of us sat in meditation this morning. the spring sun shone warm and soothing. In front of the house the daffodils are out in full. Email brings news of “Swingers Party Everywhere You just Have to Know how to Find Them,” and I feel sick as a dog. Nauseous, aching, weak of body and mind, listless. Had my flu shots, so who knows what this is about. Exhaustion comes to mind. Hospice friend drove me to breakfast and then home: scone half-eaten in a bag.

May this finds you happy and healthy. May you be free from fear and worry. Deep bow (oops, almost toppled doing the bow).   


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  1. exhaution?
    perhaps being sick is your body’s plea for some needed R&R.
    take care.

  2. thank you, nicole. yes, a rest is long overdue. have been accumulating a few too many stress points. see:


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