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mr. leonard cohen


My time is running out
and still
I have not sung
the true song
the great song

I admit
that I seem
to have lost my courage

a glance in the mirror
and glimpse into my heart
makes me want to shut up forever

so why do you lean me here
Lord of my life
lean me at this table
in the middle of the night
how to be beautiful

© Cohen, L. (2006). Book of longing. Toronto: McClelland & Stewart, p. 178.


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  1. maybe this IS his great song – to wonder in the middle of the night how to be beautiful. I love the question – What is our song? my song? Yours?

  2. yes, nancy, his and our wakeup call. to awaken to what IS, not that which he hoped or dreamt about.

  3. Recently returned from 2 months in India where I went to wrestle with just this depth of loss related to not yet feeling I had sung my true song. I was off work on a medical leave as I had let my cup run dry. Thoughts of “If I were to die tomorrow I’d feel really ripped off” propelled me to look myself right in the eye. I had that time in India to reflect on what I felt drawn to do in order to honour myself and my unique gifts. Contrary to most people’s well-meaning advice, I have just decided to take early retirement and see where the road takes me. Scary? Yes! Exciting and potent? Double yes!!


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