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goo dby eil ove you

I shall miss riding the ferries. For 21 years I’ve lived on an island and have taken these one-and-a-half-hour cruises over 2000 times. They’ve been floating community halls, moving market places, gliding street corners: we sit alone to read, nap, or write novels; or in clusters, chatting, confiding, trading good news and bad, shooting the breeze; or staying in cars or trucks, sleeping, snacking, watching films in tiny screens; some keeping their engines running (tsk!) all the way.

There were fewer than 30 passengers on board the “Mayne Queen” last night (capacity 400, crew included). Two of us sat for a while, then another joined and we hugged and I thought How could I let so much time go by without saying I love you? To all of you, neighbours and friends and people I must have seen a hundred times and but never said Hallo to, I offer this salute:

In my most
solitary moments

I spread my arms
out wide

with nothing

to say to those
I love the most.

© Ronci, R. (2008). The skeleton of the crow: new and selected poems 1978-2008. Keene, NY: Ausable Press, p. 190.


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  1. i love your description of life on the ferry…after my 21+ years of island life, i really appreciate the time it gives me to connect with friends and neighbours, that otherwise wouldn’t happen in a busy life.

  2. thought you would recognize the ferry-travel phenomenon, dawne.


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