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Further to yesterday’s lingering questions.

Inasmuch as we’re caught up in any sense  of personal inadequacy, we may wonder what we really can do for others, even in those moments when we’re not fearful or tentative. Because we often identify ourselves, consciously or not, with our shortcomings; we may feel that we don’t have enough to help meet the needs of others. We give very little because we feel very small. 

source: Dass, R., & Gorman, P. (1987). How can I help? New York: Knopf, p. 23.


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  1. I love the final line in this quote “we give very little because we feel small.” This comment really struck me! This feels so true and reminds me of the importance of cultivating that inner confidence that many Buddhist teachers talk about. Thanks, Peter, I needed to hear that!

  2. This was really nice to read. Yes we need to feel great and good to help others. And helping others will only give us that feeling so lets all not wait for the right time but make it right every time by helping whoever comes our way in some way or the other.

    Thanks buddy good to read your comment


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