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As an experiment I’m meditating twice instead of once a day. More and more I find myself sinking below thinking mind into bodily sensation. It still puzzles me that I’m unable (or unwilling) to stay there for longer periods, but I’m not pressing the point. I’m not trying to make anything happen, except to notice thoughts and sensations arising from moment by moment. And to escort my attention back to the next breath whenever I find it wandering off. And to do this over and over again. What could be simpler :-)? 

Still, I’d be kidding if I said that I have no goal in mind. I know, I know: Sawaki Roshi said that meditating is “good for nothing” and teachers remind us not to cling to outcomes. My intention then is to stay clear of getting entangled in thoughts, to not let them seduce me into fabrications and fantasies. Does that make sense to you?

The following instructions are helping to keep my practice fresh. Perhaps you’d like to try them:

Spend fifteen minutes exploring your experience as it arises moment to moment. The practice is to allow yourself to be where you are. Recognize whatever your experience is and let it be. If your are simply aware of it, with curiosity and interest, it will begin to reveal itself, and it will flow and move to the next moment. If you continue to let it be as it is, all the while remaining interested in what it is, the changes in experience become a process, an unfoldment, an inner inquiry, and discovery.

source: Almaas, A.H. (2008). The unfolding now: realizing your True Nature through the practice of presence. Boston: Shambhala, p. 43.


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