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I’ll keep postings short as I set out to explore the ways in which I freely give loving attention to others (especially those who’re suffering and/or are near death), while neglecting the care of my body and heart. I plan to look below and inside and behind this age-old habit, aiming to get to know it better. Already I’m running into resistance and reluctance from deep within.

Fortunately, I’m accompanied–as far as that is possible and prudent–by two friends acting as spiritual companions. Both see much goodness in me; they urge me to stay with whatever arises, to push against ancient boundaries, and to trust the reclaiming of the heart.

image: A man paddles on a polluted river in China’s Jiangsu province. REUTERS.


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  1. I hear your commitment Peter. I witness your action on that commitment as you engage two others and place your post here for our reading. warm regards. Terrill

    • thank you, terrill, for seeing what’s going on. a new push, full of intention to tackle age-old issues. they ought to be worn-out by now, having been picked over in contemplation and phsychotherapy … still they hold energy, calling me once more to pay attention. i’m glad to know that you’re in the wings.

  2. i welcome more of your thoughts and writings on this topic, peter…i have let my self-care slide while caregiving my mom, and well before that as a single parent; and now i am trying to value myself more
    why is it so hard to think of ourselves holding much goodness, and yet easy to see it in another?
    thank you


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