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lush lipsticks not key to happiness, monk claims

From the cover of the January 2010 issue of “O The Oprah Magazine”:

How to get what you really want this year:
• a healthier body  • more money
• weight loss that sticks
[a contradiction?]
• and extra shot of happiness (a better bra, cool boots, lush lipsticks,
and Excellent Cheap Wines).

Can you transform your whole life on 60 days?
One woman’s incredible journey begins on page 121.

It’s easy to chuckle, but reading these promises saddens me. To me they take advantage of the universal wish for self-acceptance. Each time someone buys into Oprah-like crap, the spiral of hope and disappointment intensifies under the pressure to become “better” and “cooler.”

Here’s the good news, at no charge. The door to truth and happiness lives within each of us. Its key rests in such simple questions as: What is important in my life? What really matters to the ones I love and the ones I don’t, my family and neighbours, the woman begging on the corner, my work and calling? In short: What does my heart long for?


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  1. From T Mc RN: Peter, you’re so on top of it. Good post.

  2. These kind of promises at “better” and “cooler” trouble me as well. It’s like saying junk food can nourish or pizza is THE way to thin thighs. LOL.

    As if!

    I notice that after exhausting all other avenues… when I’ve looked for happiness under every rock and new pair of jeans… it always comes back to me. Sometimes the journey just takes a while. The good news is we can never truly lose our way.



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