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merry ~~~~~~mas

More and more the operative word is “season,” as in season’s greetings, best wishes of the season, seasonal giving. But what are we talking about? Aside from the dwindling number of people who celebrate Christmas to commemorate the birth of their Jesus, everyone denies that this is a religious occasion. It’s mostly about school plays and concerts, giving and receiving gifts (bought or home-made, affordable or charged to credit cards), about time off from school and work (or double-time if you do work), and about food, drink, and get-togethers. All well and good … but why reference all this to an ancient holy feast? Even if it is about commemorate the birth of the One, what’s with the spending frenzy? Just what are we doing?


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  1. I once heard someone refer to it as the “Winter Shopping Festival”! I thought that way rather amusing.


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