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Since late Saturday afternoon my mind and body have been bombarded with pain stemming from likely disk bulging in lower spine. Inability to pee for five days adds an element of urgency to the proceedings. Physiotherapeutic and chiropractic treatments notwithstanding, pain has not become my friend. My resolve, therefore, is to present at the hospital’s emergency department this morning and beg for access to their gadgets and expertise. Shoot me if you must, but kindly end this agony :-).

For over one hundred hours now, I’ve paid attention to pain’s minutia, examined my reaction to it, and excavated some teachings from within physical suffering. High time to open the mind’s eyes to a larger view of things: 


remember who made you
and those before you and those before them

all those ancestors are within you,
stretching back to Creation.

years hence,
whom will you be within?

source: Sudo, P. T. (2000). Zen sex: the way of making love. HarperSanFrancisco, p. 172. image:


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  1. oh, p, herniated disc… that is a truly painful condition. thoughts are with iyou and hope you find reliief with the emergency folks today –

    the snowflakes are back on your blog and i like them!

    may you have an easy day

  2. hi peter
    sending you healing thoughts, a better sleep and relief from pain

    • thank you, Tracy RN (and Kevin). i am/was touched by your generosity, waiting with me at hospital all day long. i’ve been munching the prescribed opiates in 4 mg increments … pain’s still there BUT it’s not hurting as it used to.

  3. hang in there peter! good idea to go the hospital… prayers and hopes,

  4. from AJB~ terrible pain
    nothing i can say
    but i know your pain to some degree
    i noticed that on the day before ie satruday nov 28 you had an insight on letting go i wonder if your pain is actually all the pain you’ve been holding that you’ve finally let go.
    unfortunately the sciatica is a terrible painful nerve when it’s cross.
    you don’t need a crutch
    you need just to lay flat on your back
    and have not a care in the world.


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