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everyday rollercoaster

The Dalai Lama reminds us that unhappiness (a.k.a. suffering) stems from viewing things that are transient as permanent. How many times have I (have you) heard this truism and nodded in agreement? How many times have I passed it on to others by way of sage advice? Deep down, as I sit still and reflect on my habitual thinking, I pretty much act as if I’d never heard of this. When things go well, I feel happy (albeit with suspicion hovering nearby, muttering that “this won’t last”). When things don’t go well—when they unfold contrary to my expectation—my small self (ego) feels somehow vindicated (“the world is a cruel place … X doesn’t like me … and I’ll never be happy … etc.”).

Always this or that, good or bad, happy or unhappy, up or down in the bloody rollercoaster of everyday living. Yet therein lies the wisdom: things do go up and down, from here to there, from desired to unexpected. They never (drum roll) stay the same. Nothing lasts. Everything changes. It’s a fundamental law of human experience and nature’s unfolding. Why is that so hard to comprehend?


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  1. This post knocked me over! In this new job, I have been struggling with the idea of, “It’s not ok to make mistakes.”

    My boss tells me it’s ok, while energetically putting out there, “No it’s not. Do not make any mistakes you little fool!” Or is it my own mind?

    In any case, I have been playing with the notion that perfection doesn’t exist. That life just doesn’t work that way. I half-way believed myself…

    But this post of yours was the missing link. The obvious “ah ha” I forgot. Again.

    Thank you so much for this timely reminder. Why is it so hard to remember? Is shame really an easier companion? Do I hate myself that much? Can I give myself the gift of truth? And I say “truth,” not compassion, because I don’t want compassion here.

    I want the effing truth. To know that if I screw up… it’s LIFE. Things go up, then down. There are no straight lines!

    There’s more there… there’s a transformation, a rebirth waiting in the wings. This was a great start. Thank you.

    • I don’t think there’s A TRUTH, effing or otherwise. at best, moments of clarity, when something makes sense, as in your Aha! and i/we need to remain receptive/aware, otherwise opportunities pass us by.

      As to rebirth in the wings: always! Except that it’s hard (for me) to imagine things as potential rebirths when labour pains are such a, well, pain. Remind again … nothing stays the same.


      • Good points… maybe there is a sort of personal truth? Or a truth that exists beyond the mind. We call it “truth” but “being” is more appropriate I think. Or mayhap, stillness. That feels a little better!

        And just wanted to add… Happy Thanksgiving! Wishing you a peaceful day, full of good eats and lots of love!

        ~April Belle


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